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Events and Breaking News

As a professional or business manager is important to attend relevant events and presentations in our industry or business. We can also organize your own promotional activities for your fans and potential customers, so shouldn’t you take the most out of it? Record some videos with the attendants, take some photos and Videoky do the rest. If you are a journalist or reporter you’ll find in our app the best partner for creating breaking news!

E-commerce and Product Reviews

If you have an e-commerce site the Power of Video and Videoky are the perfect combination to enhance the credibility of your products and improve your online sales. Up to now, making videos reviews of your products was costly and complicated, now with Videoky you can do it yourself and boost your e-commerce business.

Video tours and Presentations

With Videoky you can create your own professional videos in the simplest way, select the videos and photos from your library, record your history and select a song with licensed commercial rights. This example shows you how you can produce yourself the best tour videos or video presentations with a professional result.

Video Tutorials and How To Videos

How-to videos are an Internet trend. Increasingly we search on the web how we fix a gadget for ourselves, how to make a recipe or learn a craft to make a personalized gift. With Videoky will be very easy to shoot and produce your video courses. Now you can show the world what you can do!

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