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Try Videoky Video App. You can make up to 3 videos totally free to enjoy all the functionality. Then, if you liked, you choose.

The Pay per Use plan is ideal for sporadic use of the app. If video content is your world you invite you to sign up for our unlimited videos plan. Of course the annual subscription plan will never renewed automatically, after a year your pan will go off and only if you decide you can enable it again.

Our pricing strategy is easy. We make divorce easy so you’ll married us.

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Why Videoky Video App is different?

Videoky Video App has a different functionality that certainly makes a difference. With our application you can tell your story as photos and videos you selected goes on (tell-your-story-app). This allows you to professionalize videos and reports, product videos, manuals, how-to videos, videos of crafts and recipes ….

Can I use Videoky Video App with any iPhone or iPad?

Videoky Video App is compatible with any iPhone model that is superior to iPhone 4. It is also compatible with your iPad. Also, if you are an annual subscription client you will be able to login into your account from any iPhone.

Does the songs has commercial rights?

All the music we include in our video app is produced by us and has all the commercial rights so you can publish your videos to any social network or media with any problem at all.

Do I need coverage or Internet connection to use Videoky Video App?

No, it is not necessary. You can create your videos without any connection. Video App Videoky exports your videos to your iPhone library and you decide when to share it or upload them.

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