Create your videos easily

For Journalists and Reporters

The news are at street level, in a bar, event, concert … Create your professional videos easily, with professional results, and be the first one to share the breaking news.

For bloggers and content creators

Videoky App is ideal for bloggers and content creators. Show the world your best how-to videos and tutorials … Your imagination, our limit.

For Real State agents

Videoky App empowers you to create professional low-cost videos of your houses and rentals. Grow your business with the power of video.

Discover the Power of Video

Now tell-your-story videos is easy

With Videoky Video App you can easily make video tutorials, reviews, product presentations, reports, summaries of events, news, videos “how to” and more. For your website, Youtube channel, e-mails, blog or your Facebook.
It’s simple, choose your pictures and videos, tells your story, select a song and Videoky App will do the rest.

For e-commerce managers

Boost your online sales

Videoky and your iPhone

The perfect couple for your content strategy

videoky video app create videos iphone
Videoky create videos with iphone

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